The Best Eachine Drones for you


Eachine is a popular brand that originally manufactured a variety of electronics, including power banks that utilized Samsung batteries. Today, however, the company has started designing and manufacturing consumer drones and other remote control toys. Having said that, let’s take a look at the top-rated Eachine drones in the market today;

Eachine E58 WIFI FPV

This drone can be folded and it measures about 12.5×7.5x5cm and has a weight of about 96 grams. It features a detachable motor design, making any necessary any potential replacement of the drones arms or motors possible and easy. When flying this drone, you can either use a smart device or a remote controller that’s WIFI enabled. It has an operating range of around 80 to 100 meters, but if you are using wifi, the range is reduced to only 30 meters. Its liPo battery takes around an hour to fully charge and gives you 7 to 9 minutes of flight time. The drone also features a 720p camera, app control, first-person view capability, altitude hold mode, 3D flop mode, three-speed levels, and one key takeoff and landing.

Eachine E010

With it measuring 3.7×3.7×2 inches, it is categorized under the mini drones. It is designed for indoor flying, which makes it the perfect beginner drone. It doesn’t have a camera, yes, but the truth, the kind of fun and engaging flying experience it offers are on another level. But if you badly need a camera, you can mount one on the drone to enjoy FPV experience. What’s more, it comes with crash-friendly propeller guards as well as a ducted propeller design, which makes the drone quieter, more efficient, durable, and safer to fly on the inside. It packs a 150mah battery that takes about 45 minutes to charge and gives you 5 minutes of flight time.

Eachine Wizard X220

This is a wickedly fast and nimble racing drone, all thanks to its new MN2205 2300KV motors. The drone features an ultralight carbon fiber frame, an X frame design, and a three-blade propeller system, all of which, when combined, they greatly enhance the flight capabilities of the drone of this particular drone, which allows it to fly even in the roughest weather conditions. The camera and the video transmitter are well-protected, which reduces the risks of expensive replacements and repairs.

These are just the top drones from Eachine in the market today. They are all going at affordable prices, and when you buy from, it will be delivered to your location in no time.