The Best Bike Motor Kits of 2020


When you go online and search for ‘bicycle motor kit’, you’ll get so many choices; some that will even confuse you – two-stroke bicycle kits, four-stroke bike kits, standard drive vs friction drive, and so on. I mean, can you imagine going through every review on all the choices found on Google? Can be super tiring, right? Well, that why we are here. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 bicycle motor kits you will ever find anywhere.

Flying horse 66/80 cc EPA approved silver angle fire 2-stroke bicycle engine

Whether you’ve been in the bicycle engine world for a while now or are new, this kit is very common and is loved by everyone, and especially those who have gotten the chance to ride it. And while most engines require a fuel ratio of 30:1, this engine only needs 100:1, which is much less than double the oil amount needed to properly at speeds of 25 to 35 MPH stock. The reason for this is because the components in this kit are designed to take less lubrication without too much damage, which makes them stand out over all the other engines in the market.

BBR tuning 38cc lock-N-load friction bicycle kit

Its easier installation process makes it one of the best kits in the market right now. The friction drive mounts over your bike’s rear-wheel, unlike other motors that mount to the frame. All you have to do is to mount it to the frame using a few bolts, then mount the engine as well as the kill switch, fuel it up and get ready to ride.

BBR tuning racing series 2-stroke engine kit

Now, if what you need is a fully equipped motorized bike engine, that’s loaded with all the performance parts you will need to win the competition, this particular kit is exactly what you need. It has a silver BBR tuning 66/80cc base, which makes it the best-backed engines in the market today. In addition, it comes with some high-performance components including a high-performance head for better torque, a high-performance carburetor for maximum speed, an expansion chamber for a smoother ride, and not forgetting stage 1 CDI for tons of spark. With all these, you are looking at something that outperforms the way it looks.