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  • September-19 2019 16:37:01

    Nota 10!!! Excelente Relógio, Atende as expectativas, rapidez de entrega é boa qualidade.Entrega rápida, produto bom e preço convidativo. Produto bem prático de usar.Aparece as mensagens do Whatsapp, notificações dos outros aplicativos! Além de me ajudar com minhas corridas e é possível personalizar a tela Ótimo custo benefício, quero comprar outras pulseiras.Relógio bonito, elegante e confortável. Recomendo!!

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • January-15 2019 05:01:32

    So I bought this watch because I really did not want to spend $1300 AUD on an Apple Watch. So for roughly 1/50 of the price, I got something cheaper that was relatively decent for its price. So to start off, the design of the watch is almost identical in dimensions to an Apple Watch - the only difference being only one touch button at the base of the face. The materials used is quite sturdy in design with the metal finish and nice, tempered glass. The second thing is that software customization is

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • November-17 2019 08:32:35

    I was satisfied with the watch but after 2 weeks the battery wouldn’t load anymore worthless watch I would put it back in stars but can’t do that anymore

  • January-04 2019 08:38:26

    Not bad.Expected it as full touch screen but its only button touch on bottom.Worth for money.Connects with my Mix2perfectly and silently :P Vibrate notification is good.All deails saved to mobile app.It would be good ,If it has records on watch. OK

  • December-31 2018 09:21:48

    Received yesterday..Watch looks damn good with black shade.. working flawlessly 😍Happy with the first purchase 😀

    टिप्पणियाँ (2)
  • August-26 2019 17:24:23

    Produto bom , porém a embalagem muito danificada, deveriam ter cuidado ao enviar somente em um envelope. Seria um presente que não vou poder dar com a embalagem original. Lamentável !!!!!!!

  • August-12 2019 12:02:42

    Basic smart watch/bracelet. Very light in hand Quck wake up Easy software, sometimes you must reconnect Blood Pressure, facebook messages.

    टिप्पणियाँ (3)
  • August-01 2019 06:24:37

    fantastico smartwatch, bello al tatto, si vede bene, che dire..... sono soddisfatto non me l'aspettavo , consiglio acquisto , rapporto prezzo prestazioni ottimo

  • July-12 2019 13:10:54

    Infelizmente teve um relógio dos três que comprei, que veio com problema, espero que seja resolvido. Exceto esse problema os relógios são de ótima qualidade é a segunda vez que os compro.

  • July-01 2019 06:16:51

    I will share the actual performance after using it for few days...on the first appearance it is looking good...

    टिप्पणियाँ (6)

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