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  • February-20 2020 13:37:21

    This is a fantastic product. It consists of a cable and an adaptor that has a strong magnetic head. The adaptor plugs into the device to be charged and the cable strongly connects due to the magnet. It charged very effectively and is much easier to use than just plugging a cable correctly into the device. It also had a light to indicate connection. See photos.

  • April-12 2020 06:00:43

    The product is looking good, and working well, for a while, but after 6 weeks the socked is broken (see picture). It is still working but I have to push it in from time-to-time. Ok, for the price, I was not expecting a "Panzer" but 6 weeks of use is a bit short. I will try to fix it with super-glue, but I do not believe in miracle.

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • February-06 2020 12:49:47

    С посылкой всё в порядке. Пришла до Смоленска за 20 дней. Качество на первый взгляд хорошее. Заряжать пока не пробовал.

  • June-21 2020 15:38:21

    Good quality cables with strong magnet to provide a reliable contact. I've purchase one microUSB and one USB-C. Not like similar ones that only supports charging; this one also supports data. Very satisfied with the purchase of this article.

  • April-10 2020 14:55:49

    Verry good USLION 3A LED 360° Thangs for Banggood!!!

  • gusVIP5
    February-17 2020 06:42:35

    Cables look really cool and well built, however I have marked down my rating as one of the cables was received with a crushed USB connector rendering it useless. Have asked BG for a replacement.

  • May-31 2020 04:27:04

    удобная и практичная система, лучше купить несколько и держать кабели дома, в авто и на работе

  • February-22 2020 13:27:58

    хорошо упаковано, в разных кулечках. проверим, как работает. Отправитель жлоб - доставка до отделения, пришлось побегать по городу

  • May-07 2020 06:46:40

    Scheinen so gut wie der 1. Satz zu sein. Hoffentlich gibt es bald die Stecker auch einzeln ohne Kabel.

  • June-06 2020 14:50:20

    Excelente producto, llegó en perfecto estado y muy bien resguardado, y cumple con todo lo especificado, en resumen, fue excelente compra


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