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केवल अपने देश (India) से समीक्षा करें
  • August-03 2020 12:14:52

    The idea of this product is extraordinary. I ordered because it must handle up to 11kW for 220v system. However inside the box I found a flyer with a warning, to not use more than 1200W for 24V DC. It is very confusing because input from inverter is AC, input from power grid is AC. Is this also working with DC input directly without inverter???

  • March-24 2020 03:08:49

    terima kasih, barang sdh diterima, blum dicoba, semoga baik.....

  • April-23 2020 04:40:02

    delivery take a time around 10 days , but nice item for a good price

  • October-02 2019 12:41:54

    Very good items, safe and no waste for transfering of power source..

  • November-10 2020 13:45:30

    Very useful and flexible piece of equipment. It will switch between AC to AC or DC to DC. You can use it to switch between line voltage and inverter , or between two battery banks. In case of battery banks, care must be taken as the relays are 50 Amp and it must be taken into account. I have not tested it as I still need halve the components for the system.

  • May-21 2020 14:05:34

    Thank you for the service your company gives it is very professional. I received the ATS dual power transfer switch on the exact day advised, it is an impressive unit and will give me piece of mind knowing that I will now have a reliable off grid power supply system. I have bed searching for such a product for quite some time but finding Will Prowse's YouTube tutorial on this unit has given me the information to understand its workings and made it an easy purchase choice. Thank you again for your

  • December-24 2020 16:11:00

    Consegna impeccabile. Ho ricevuto il pacchetto prima del previsto. All'interno tutto perfetto, l'ATS funziona egregiamente. Per coloro che cercano uno strumento del genere consiglio l'acquisto su Bangood.

  • December-23 2020 16:57:01

    Recebi hoje dia 23/12 , ainda não instalei porque falta outros pedidos para completar instalação. Na analise de produto parece de muita boa qualidade

  • October-15 2020 00:59:05

    Have installed it and it seems to be working ok. The voltage measurement on the battery is not very accurate. Measured 13.23 on the battery but ATS measures it at 13.0 which is a lot on a Lifepo4 battery

  • October-09 2020 22:40:54

    Good unit works as advertised. Changing between grid and inverter is so seamless and smooth really happy with this transfer switch THANK YOU


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