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  • JoGeo
    2019-11-28 11:39:53

    The BlitzWolf BW-MT4 3-in-1 cable supports all charging protocols except Oppo 1+, Huawei SCP and Type-C PD. I should point out that it's maximum supported Voltage is 12V. Surprisingly, the max output (in 5V) I measured for this cable/adapters is almost 5A, and not 3A as it is written in the specification. The two adapters are interchangeable, allowing you to use a single cable for almost any device. I have also measured a very small resistance for the cable and it's two adapters as well. Excellent

  • Firo11
    2020-09-23 04:24:56

    Doprava OK objednané 13.sept. doručené 22.sept. Pre 2 typy Usb a 1 lighting 8 pin. Shipping OK ordered 13.sept. delivered 22.sept. For 2 types of USB and 1 lighting 8 pin. Packed ok. OK product.

  • S3R
    2019-10-30 15:33:59

    Apesar de serem muito bons no carregamento rápido de dispositivos Android, esse com adaptador para Iphone e Ipad realmente carrega mais rápido quando conectado a um carregador com saída turbo de 2.5 amperes. O teste foi realizado com os IPhone 5S e IPhone 8 que carregaram consideravelmente mais rápido com o conjunto carregador e cabo turbo "BlitzWolf". Minha reclamação é quanto a entrega que demorou mais de dois meses para chegar e ainda tenho mais dois carregadores turbo power "BlitzWolf"

  • Tantric
    2020-05-08 14:57:54

    The order arrived well on the expected deadline. The product came exactly as ordered. Excellent quality. Comes with a 1 meter cable.

  • 2020-08-31 07:04:11

    nice quality

  • falconi
    2020-09-21 13:25:09

    mmm pensé que sería más largo pero tiene muy buen acabado el final e inicio del cable

  • amfiber
    2020-04-08 13:34:57

    high quality cord with support quick charge 3.0

  • 2020-07-18 19:19:46

    Exelente producto gran calidad inigualable recomendado el vendedor gran seriedad llego en el tiempo correcto y buen seguimiento le entrego 5 estrellas

  • IanP
    2020-03-26 21:37:13

    As with other BlitzWolf products, the quality is very high and being able to use UCB micro, C and Lightning on the same cable really makes my desk tidier.

  • Tantric
    2020-08-26 10:03:18

    The order arrived fast on the expected deadline. The product came exactly as ordered. Excellent quality. Comes with a 1 meter cable.


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