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केवल अपने देश (India) से समीक्षा करें
  • August-04 2020 04:42:27

    Product as description. Tested ok working as expected. Need to use the specific libraries for both Mega or Due. Colors are inverted with these libraries I’ve seen before with these blue board displays. Good product. Reccomend.

  • March-29 2020 06:43:41

    Works fine with DUE. Good image quality and nicely fast. The SD card cannot be inserted or removed without unmounting the screen. Might be an issue for some applications

  • February-07 2020 21:13:57

    I have a Problem with this item which when connected to the computer has a black mark appear from one end of the screen for about an inch into the screen. Similar in appearance to an ink mark but it is not apparent when the power is removed. What can be done about it.

  • February-05 2020 17:23:47

    Received my device. Display doesn't function correctly. Tried on Due and Mega 2650 with similar results. I'm using the arduino drivers specified on the product page for both the Due and Mega boards.

  • July-30 2020 17:51:00

    Perfecto funcionamiento. Embalaje escaso, recibido con pines un poco doblados, pero solucionado. Vendedor recomendado.

  • February-26 2020 10:25:25

    Nice and sharp!

  • December-18 2019 15:58:15

    Şanş eseri hasarsız geldi denemedim ama anlatıldığı gibi gözüküyor

  • October-30 2020 12:50:46

    Display ottimo. Funziona alla perfezione. Attenzione: bisogna inserire nello skecth in 'void setup(void)' questa riga: tft.invertDisplay(1); generalmente dopo 'tft.invertDisplay(x); altrimenti i colori sono in negativo. English: Great display. It works perfectly. Attention: you have to insert this line in the skecth in 'void setup (void)': tft.invertDisplay (1); usually after 'tft.invertDisplay (x); otherwise the colors are negative.

    टिप्पणियाँ (2)
  • May-04 2020 08:16:26

    Veloce, come da descrizione, con le apposite librerie funziona sia con MEGA 2660 sia con DUE. Come primo acquisto posso ritenermi soddisfatto. Sorry for may bad english. Fast, as described, with the appropriate libraries it works with both MEGA 2660 and DUE. As a first purchase I can be satisfied.

  • September-17 2020 11:31:25

    The package arrived late and the LCD has bent pins due to improper packaging.


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