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केवल अपने देश (India) से समीक्षा करें
  • August-25 2020 21:12:46

    the goods which you sent it not the same as picture shown,and we can not use it,please see the different picture that we send to you and we want you to re send the new one same as your product pictures

  • November-23 2017 06:43:37

    Ottimo schermo LCD, testato su una scheda ARDUINO MEGA 2560 Geekcreit, riproduce bellissimi colori. Deluso un pò dal touchscreen non molto veloce e non ben calibrato (penso sia colpa dello sketch usato), ma per applicazioni di controllo è molto adatto. (vedi foto e video allegati circa il test) A great LCD screen, tested on a MEGA 2560 Geekcreit ARDUINO card, reproduces beautiful colors. Disappointed a little about the touchscreen not very fast and not well calibrated (I think it is the blame

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • October-18 2017 11:00:16

    I didn't yet have the opportunity to switch-on and connect this display to my Arduino boards, but the unit is very well made. The display's pins are protected with plastic sponges, and the unit is shipped inside its own antistatic envelope together with its stylus. The antistatic bag is then wrapped with a pluriball envelope and inserted inside a carton box. It is the best protection I saw for the items shipped by Banggood. Superb solution that make me confident that the unit is working as I wish.

  • August-15 2017 03:40:55

    This thing is a steal for it's price. I've been looking for this size screen for a while and the fact that it also comes with an sd card reader and resistive touch is just an added bonus. The best part was not having to scour the internet for the correct arduino libraries. The pictures below are examples from the files included on the product page. I just installed the libraries provided, uploaded the sketch and worked the first time!!!

    टिप्पणियाँ (2)
  • November-23 2017 05:43:05

    The display and board is very well made. Pins are protected with plastic sponges, and it was shipped inside its own anti-static bag with stylus. Everything was inserted inside a carton box with bubble plastic bag . This was the best protection I saw. Thank you Banggood, I can recommend for this good price.

  • September-30 2017 16:27:30

    The screen was packaged very well, stylus was included except not black like in photo but white. Pins were protected with a bubble wrap all nicely packaged in a cardboard box with more bubble wrap. Didn't test the item YET

  • October-02 2017 10:41:10

    I just had time to connect this screen with an Arduino UNO and played a little with the example files. Display is quite good. The touche unit feels a not as good as we know if from Tablets and Smart Phones these days. It's only a resistive one. Sadly it need so many pins of the UNO. There are only 4 or 5 pins left (as mentioned in the description). The Micro SD cardreader on the backside is very convenient since you can store pictures there. But it takes about 2 seconds to draw a picture to the screen

  • April-12 2019 09:49:27

    Good product. It is working with ESPduino ttgo ESP32

    टिप्पणियाँ (2)
  • June-13 2018 06:56:15

    Fonctionne parfaitement avec arduino uno, mais attention il n'y a pas de liaison SPI et ne fonctionne pas avec les bibliothèques Adafruit. Il faut suivre l'exemple donné par files.banggood.com/2017/SKU706879.zip et aussi https://gist.githubusercontent.com/calogerus/79ef0c4cf04d9ea33dae9fd77a3a7316/raw/72526d5179309e3d5849a1a1aecd66431c23225f/ILI9341_6.in

  • October-04 2017 13:57:40

    Cet affichage fonctionne très bien; je l'ai utilisé dans mon système de monitoring d'un système de chauffage par plancher chauffant, avec un Arduino Mega. L'écran est brillant, et la fonction tactile permet de réduire le nombre de boutons qui auraient autrement été nécessaires. J'utilise les librairies Adafruit_GFX.h , AdafruitTFTLCD.h , et Touchscren.h. L'utilisation du stylet rend l'opération plus prévisible.


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