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  • 08/09/2020

    Looks very useful with plenty of movement. The phone clamp is easy to use and very strong. Has a suction mount as well as dashboard hook mount. Good product for the price!

    मूल दिखाएं
  • 24/06/2021


    मूल दिखाएं
  • 20/07/2021

    Всё чётко ¡!

    मूल दिखाएं
  • 14/04/2020

    I love this phone mount so far! I bought my previous one locally and reasonably cheap (15$), loved it in the beginning as well. But after 7 years and several small home-repairs, the suction cup finally gave out. This was an awesome replacement. The suction cup is sticky in addition to using the suction, the head is nicely adjustable and rock-solid once tightened, and the bit I love the most: The phone just snaps into the holder, I just push it in and it automatically clamps down on it. It's so easy now to get in my car and add the phone in with just one hand. Awesome product, awesome price! Hope it lasts for many many years!

    मूल दिखाएं
  • 07/10/2017

    Support de bonne qualité avec 2 montage possible sur le pare brise ou sur une grille de ventilation convient parfaitement pour le xiaomi mi max 6.44"

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
    मूल दिखाएं
  • 28/11/2019

    Le produit semble de qualité, la ventouse est recouverte d'une sorte de colle. Le système de verouillage du téléphone quand on le pose est bien pensé. Par contre l'emballage était bien abimé à la réception. Heureusement le produit n'avait rien.

    मूल दिखाएं
  • 21/03/2019

    Veio rápido, ótimo produto e atendeu o que eu precisava

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
    मूल दिखाएं
  • 29/01/2019

    very nice sucker phone holder for phone 3-6,5 inches

    टिप्पणियाँ (2)
    मूल दिखाएं
  • 20/05/2020

    It's a good product but seems a little bit fragile, specially if you put a slightly heavier phone (like iphone 11Pro). It shakes and looks like it is going to break soon. Delivery was fast and for the price no much to complain.

    मूल दिखाएं
  • 11/02/2019

    Is a very good choice for my iPhone base in the car .. the order came to my house after a month and it really was worth the wait .. !!

    मूल दिखाएं

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