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  • 2020-02-11 08:23:30

    Works as expected. Calibration is good enough (99% pearls were of the right size, deviations are minimal). Only problem in my case was that one of the packets was not sealed properly and got some moist in it, therefore it tore itself apart. According to tracking, package got about 400g of extra weight while flying to Switzerland, which was most likely an absorbed water. Many yellow pearls was spoiled or lost. A very good value for money overall.

  • 2020-03-13 09:32:02

    Amazing product. Thank you BG for fast shipping and amazing quality of product. I try to eat them and should told that they are awesome. I have never seen and eat something like this before!

  • HLuba
    2020-02-11 09:53:34

    super coole Kugeln. haben sofort ein paar in Wasser gelegt, um zu sehen, wie sie gross werden... habe jetzt gelesen, dass das 3-5 Stunden dauert. Hatte eigentlich gedacht, dass man die Kugeln mit in die Badewanne nehmen kann, aber so lange badet ja keiner.... jetzt warten wir auf Poolwetter und werden die Kugeln dort verwenden!👍🏽

  • bole_d
    2020-05-06 14:50:53

    Incredibly cool product. Just add water and wait and these tiny little balls grow to 10 times their size ideal for floral arrangements or other decorations.

  • 2020-03-16 15:21:46

    Nice i recommend it to everyone 10000PCS/Bag Pearl Shaped Crystal Soil Growing Jelly Balls Hydrogel Gel Polymer Water Beads for Plant Flower Home Decor Kids Toy Ball Vase Fillers

  • 2020-03-08 10:21:42

    I bought these balls in a big Banggood promotion (U$ + Points), the idea is to decorate the room and play with playing balls in the yard.

  • m2n2l2
    2020-02-07 12:16:02

    They expand a lot. One of the packages had exploded in the transport, they could use a better packaging.

  • Otanar1
    2020-03-31 11:49:16

    Muito legal, muito bonito, excelente para plantas ou enfeite.

  • mar3k3k
    2020-02-29 02:00:07

    very nice

  • 2020-02-26 05:13:32

    Size is much smaller than 11-13 mm. Approximately 2 mm. It broke off during transportation. I have not yet calculated if I have the 10,000 pieces, but I won't! :-D


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