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  • May-23 2020 08:06:33

    it arrives in a nice cardboard box, very helpful to store the item in my tools's drawer. It is smaller than I expected reading descriptions, but it is fine. I had some problems trying to lock the base junction, and finally I found it locks simply closing the central knob (see photo)! Well to know! No instructions into the box. Good tool.

  • April-05 2020 03:51:33

    Cheap enough, the magnetic base is not very strong: simply by locking it, it may move, the elbows get out of position with even the smallest bump: very soft joints... my indicator dialing spring is strong enough to move the arm by itself! Be careful: when they declare "Total Height : Approx. 19.4cm" they mean that base+arms+indicator is around 19.4cm. The two arms, from joint to joint are actually ONLY 11CM (6 the lower one, with the big joint and 5 the upper one, with the small joint)! It's ok

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  • July-27 2020 15:42:41

    It works okay if you don't mind the shortness of the arms because let's admit, this thing is tiny. Fits small (hobby) machines though. The machining is pretty rough (touching surfaces are like a banana..) but works much better after truing in a mill.

  • June-08 2020 04:11:25

    item as described to make sure I received the parcel Banggood team despatched my parcels using UPS from Lagos to Jos thereby incurring additional expenses to make me happy

  • January-17 2021 04:47:20

    OK! It works fine, not the strongest magnet, but it works vertically too.

  • July-06 2020 10:26:21

    Es muy pequeño pero, me servirá. No podía fijarlo. Pará hacerlo hay que apretar la perilla, y lla aprietan las rotulas al mismo tiempo. No trae instrucciones de uso. Por lo demás umm bien.

  • April-09 2020 08:04:58

    jó minőségű

  • March-20 2020 07:22:20

    For the price it is pretty stable and the magnet holds well.

  • November-19 2020 05:36:46

    magnet is nice an strong, arm tightens up solid. very much worth the good price it already is

  • October-30 2020 03:36:52



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