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  • March-14 2019 19:20:40

    good beeper, really loud and bright.

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • March-25 2019 09:12:30

    Great product. I used couple of those in the past and am very happy with it. Recommended item! Thanks

    टिप्पणियाँ (3)
  • February-11 2019 17:03:23

    Detodos los que he probado, este es el mejor con diferencia. Sonido muy fuerte y destello luminosos potente. Muy recomendado.

  • November-19 2020 12:19:38

    Très bon buzzer autonome. Je viens de recommander ces deux ci car j'en ai déjà un de monter sur mon premier drone et je le trouve parfait. Sa taille réduite permet de le mettre dans de petits modèles et son sifflement est très puissant. Il m'a déjà permi de retrouver le drone dans les grandes herbes. J'ai d'autres modèles monté sur d'autres drones mais qui ne sifflent pas aussi bien que celui-ci. j'ai profité d'une commande groupée pour en prendre 2 pour de futurs racers. c'est un très

  • September-18 2020 02:56:00

    it isn't a super loud sound as what you see on many reviews, but the sound penetrates far so you can still here it. At least around 100m in a reasonable windy day. 👌 A really nice feature is that it beeps quieter (almost the same level as esc motor beeper) on startup, arming and disconnecting, so it won't be annoying.

  • January-21 2020 06:48:55

    I lost my Eachine Tyro79 up the local mountain (vid on YouTube channel Barn1980). After that I got 3 different buzzers to try & a GPS also! no more loosing drones & searching for hours. This vifly buzzer works great, I can easily here it from 150m away. You can see it under the camera on my Tyro79 in the pics I uploaded

  • March-19 2020 03:34:05

    hello I am sorry to write to you but I had ordered a New Vifly Finder 2 with connector to be welded and I received a chargeable Vifly beacon by usb, there was an error. Best regards

  • December-21 2020 11:53:21

    El buzzer llego en menos tiempo del indicado, aún no lo he conectado al drone pero suena muy potente. No es un buzzer autónomo para los mavic, tiene que ir conectado. Se ve un producto de calidad.

  • November-23 2020 11:03:19

    Wow, this thing is loud! I can't wait to get it on my Quad and finally feel safe flying longer distance than before with the Peace of mind of having this attached to my quad.

  • October-22 2020 07:41:39

    the product arrived as advertised, but Banggood you have to improve the printing of the postal labels, it is very difficult to understand, the number 6 (six) is looking like 8 (eight) this is confusing the postmen, please improve this more fast as possible.


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