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  • May-22 2020 06:29:26

    da considerarsi un giocattolo, ma funzionante, per esperienza 3d si può acquistare.

  • March-11 2020 14:22:12

    For the price, these glasses are well worth it. They do show a screen which is clear and usable. It does take a little bit of adjustment to get used to it and to find the precise viewing angle (for me, I need to use the elastic strap over my ears). Linking up with a bluetooth keyboard is a must but I can now edit documents, connect to remote desktops and view films. The battery lasts for about an hour, which is OK, but you can charge it whilst in use. All in all pretty happy with them.

  • January-04 2021 16:50:32

    These really are fantastic for watching 3D movies with a 32GB TF flash card and mini keyboard-mouse (I use https://www.banggood.com/A36-2_4G-Wireless-Four-Color-Backlit-QWERTY-Mini-Keyboard-Touchpad-Airmouse-for-TV-Box-Mini-PC-p-1564816.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN&ID=531878). My advice is to take large 25GB+ 3D movies and re-encode them to 1080p MP4 format so you can have 10 or more 3D movies on the card at a time. Also, surprisingly, these work best when I wear my normal corrective vision glasses and place the VISION-800 over the top. It also needs to be said the SOUND is INCREDIBLE with the build in separate-channel earbuds. You get the 3D surround effect really good. My advice is also to take off the wrap-around ear sticks and attach the supplied elastic headband - much more comfortable. I absolutely love watching movies at night in bed with these. They really work well!

  • January-27 2021 11:39:45

    Det var meget hurtig forsendelse det er jeg glad for men jeg kan ikke forstå er I sendt en pakke der nemt kan åbne jeg fik kasse der kun lukket med magneten Men det er mangler heldigvis ikke noget

  • January-25 2021 09:50:58

    non e il massimo la visione e mediocre e non sono veri gli 80 pollici dichiarati dal venditore e non e perfetto

  • January-05 2021 10:59:03

    Tienen muy buena pinta y se ven muy bien, el 3D se ve muy bien. No trae instrucciones pero enredando va saliendo.

  • December-28 2020 06:17:33

    Funziona perfettamente!

  • September-10 2020 11:15:05

    Hanno qualche limite di troppo. A Questo prezzo di vendita Vale la pena acquistarli

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • December-31 2020 09:35:08

    Alles SUPER, Heute angekommen, SUPER SCHNELLE LIEFERUNG, aber noch nicht getestet.

  • December-08 2020 12:14:52

    Recibido muy pronto.Pendiente de probarlas.Esteticamente muy bonitas


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